Soulmates and Twin Flames


What is your definition of a Soul Mate? Do you immediately think of a significant other? A husband or a wife? Boyfriend or girlfriend? I used to, too. But I’ve evolved in the past several years. When I think about soul mate, I think about someone who is always there. Someone who understands you, who laughs with you and cries with you. Who picks you up when no one else notices you’ve fallen. Someone you can communicate with and not say a word. It’s a connection that is unexplained yet unbreakable. Of course this can describe your significant other, but can’t is also describe a sibling? or your best friend? A parent? I think a soul mate can come in many forms and we can have more than one in our lifetime. We are supposed to. It’s the Twin Flame that we only have one of….and THAT is a whole different story….


In the past several years I’ve realized that my true soul mates are my friends. I have 3 to be exact. One I have known all my life. No matter how close or far apart we live from one another, we are always connected. We know we are there for each other and would move mountains to take care of each other. Nothing in this world could ever come between us. We love each other with everything we have. It just is. Then, in the past 9 years, I’ve been blessed to add 2 more souls to this list. Together we are strong. We laugh. Sometimes we cry. We hold each other up. The past few years I have had some pretty rough moments and EVERY SINGLE TIME they were all right there when I needed them. No one else was there for me. Not my family.  But my soul mates….there they were, every time. And I’m there for them. Because that’s what you do when you love someone. You rescue them when they need it. And they rescue you.


Now, don’t get me wrong, if you’ve found your soul mate in a significant other, you are extremely lucky. Not only have you found your best friend, but you’ve found even more. That is rare and beautiful. Don’t take it for granted. Hold onto it with both hands. And if you’ve found a Twin Flame…well….even more rare. You’ve never heard of a Twin Flame, you say? It’s a new thing for me, too. I learned about it not that long ago when I was trying to find a reason behind a really strong, unexplained connection I was feeling. I tend to always want an explanation for things so I’m one of those people that goes digging for answers.


It turns out that you only have one Twin Flame connection. This person is your mirror. Your actual other half. It is rare that you find this person, but when you do, YOU KNOW. It isn’t always an easy road and it can be a long one, but this one is the real real. You will probably fight it. You won’t believe it. One of you will run away from it. You may never end up on the same page. But if you do….the beauty of it is probably better than anything you have ever dreamed of. I bet you can think of 1 couple who fall into this category. The ones who were meant to be. These days everything is disposable, unfortunately including people, but rarely there are those that beat the odds. Those are the Twin Flames. Even Soul Mates can burn out, but the Twin Flame connection can be forever. The couples married for 50 years. And kiss my ass I’m still a hopeless romantic. It’s in my DNA…I’m a Pisces for fuck sake.


I read. A lot. I like to research things I don’t know about. Especially when I think it might have something to do with me. I want an explanation for why things happen. I like to be able to make sense of things that have no sense. It eases my chaotic mind. It soothes me a little. I believe our souls have amazing energy. I’m not interested in what religion has to do with it at all, that’s personal and each person has a right to whatever belief system they choose. To me this is more. Universal.  Are you a Twin Flame? Do you know any? Who are your soul mates? Lots of questions I know. It’s the answers that might surprise you.



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