Halloween is the best Holiday EVER!!

Since I was little, I can always remember dressing up for Halloween. My mom would make me a costume, and I would wear it until it fell apart. I remember being a clown quite a bit… not the scary one but the cute one that everyone wanted to hug… you know..:: before everyone decided to be afraid of them. 🙄🙄 When I got a bit older … I elementary school age, I remember being some form of Madonna and/ or a hooker pretty much every year. Meaning I was too cool for my mom to make my costumes anymore, so I just teased my hair and sprayed it with different colors and wore a lot of makeup, put on a short skirt and heels I couldn’t walk in and begged for candy. When that got old, then I was too old to trick-or-treat anymore. Tragic.

As an adult though, Halloween is that one (or two) nights a year when we get to be someone we usually aren’t. We get to dress up as a character we admire, like a superhero…. or our alter-ego… like the devil 😈😈 for some of you, and just be FREE. We get to watch our kids enjoy the fun of the costumes and running around from house to house trick-or-treating and seeing their friends in costume, too.

It’s become a tradition at my business to have a Halloween Party every year where we go ALL OUT for the day. We have a theme, decorate the salon, send invitations…etc. We try and outdo ourselves every year with something inventive and interesting. It’s a team effort and everyone really looks forward to each other’s costumes and the decorating. We have such a good time creating a space for our clients to come in and just enjoy the day. We start planning this thing MONTHS in advance to make sure every detail is just right.

If you’ve ever been to one of our Parties, you already know the drill. We don’t mess around.

I’m writing this blog post today because I’m already getting excited about this year’s event! Not to mention, a few of us are going to another big party in Detroit….

I really love to hear about group costume ideas. If you have some great ones….SHARE! We have a pretty big group. It’s not easy to come up with something everyone can participate in together. I think we may have it nailed down for this year…. but you never know!!



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