Bucket Lists

Do you have a bucket list? You know, a list of things you REALLY want to do before you kick the bucket? If you do, have you started actually doing anything on the list yet? If you don’t, do you plan on making one? Have you ever thought about actually sitting down and writing one out? When I was married I only had one thing on my list…. go to Ireland. That was my Number one. In the past several years since I’ve been divorced, while I still haven’t been to Ireland, I’ve started to dream about other things I’d like to do. It’s taken me these two years to crawl out of this hole and decide to move onward and upward. So I started making a list.

I’m sure I’ll be adding things to this all the time. The older I get, the more and more I realize that I need to stop waiting. I need to stop wasting so much time. I tend to procrastinate when I can. I don’t want to do that anymore. I want to LIVE. I want to celebrate being alive. So I’m going to start having experiences no matter how small. I’m going to do it, even when I’d rather stay in bed. At least this is what I tell myself will happen. Baby steps. I’ll do it alone and I’ll enjoy the adventure. Because I’m blessed to be able to.

1) Travel to Ireland – sleep in a castle. Drink in a local pub. Drive a shitty rental all over the countryside. Get lost and love it. See Heaven’s Trail.

2) Live at the beach. I’m a Pisces. It’s where I belong.

3) Visit the Grand Canyon

4) Go to Salem at Halloween. My favorite holiday… a must do.

5) Greece

6) East Pasta in Italy

7) Buy tickets for a random flight and spend a weekend somewhere new.

8) Take a cooking class

9) Feel confident about my body

10) Ride a horse

11) Fall in Love

12) Paris

This is it so far… it’s not long but it’s also not cheap. At some point I’ll need to start planning I suppose… if I ever want to get through it. No time like the present!

So what’s on yours? I’d love to hear about it! Share some ideas…. maybe I can add them to mine!



Author: annies231

I’m just a girl

One thought on “Bucket Lists”

  1. I’ve never written a bucket list but of course there are tons of things that I want to do. For now my one ambition is to see another country, any country, just one country outside of South Africa.


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